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  • Is there a Minimum Order (MOQ)?
    Yes, we have order minimums for all Customised Gifts (eg. Corporate Events Gifts, Customer Appreciation Gifts, Wedding Favours). The MOQ is mentioned on the product page itself. However, you can also purchase our Ready-To-Ship gifts (under Gifts & Hampers) for as low as 1 unit. In general: ☑︎ Budget RM 50/set x 300 (RM 15000). ☑︎ Budget RM 100/set x 100 (RM 10000). ☑︎ Wedding Favours: RM 9/pc x 300 (RM 2700).
  • How long does it take for orders?
    The timeline and ordering process varies from the degree of customisation and the volume of orders. # Custom Gift Order 1. Creative Proposal to you: 1-2 week 2. Order confirmation with payment 3. Production: 2-4 weeks* 4. Delivery to you: 5-7 days (within Malaysia) / 4-5 weeks (from overseas, via sea freight) Generally, from your engagement with us, to your confirmation, to gift arrived in your hand: 8-10 weeks. *note: Above is a general time frame, ultimately it would varied depending on design confirmation, custom clearance for overseas items etc.
  • What information do you need for Custom Order?
    When you write to us, please include below information so we can design the most suitable gifts for you. 1. What are the gifts for? Eg. Product launch, Media launch, Customer Thank-You gift, Annual dinner door gift. 2. Who are you giving the gifts to? Eg. VIP guests, existing clients, employees. 3. What's your comfortable budget? RM 30-50/set? RM 150-200/set? 4. How many gifts are you getting? (For Custom Orders, the Minimum Orders is 100 units). 5. Is there any specific theme/colour/item you prefer? Or dislike? (Eg. leather goods, black and copper colour mix, no gadgets, no tumbler). 6. When do you need the gifts to be in your hand? (Ideally 1 week before your event. dd/mm/yy) 7. Delivery details? (Address? Contact person and number? Any specific date and time?) 8. Please send us a few sample photos of the gifts which you are looking for.
  • Can you custom design gift tag/label for my event?
    Yes! See below. # No Charge - If you send us your design adheres to our template size. - If you send us your ready-made/printed gift tag/label. # Design fees of RM 50* depending on the complexity - For us to resize your existing design into our template size. - To custom design a brand new gift tag/label for you. # Fees to be determined We can make and print exactly to your design and size so do speak to us to know how much it would incur for the printing cost.
  • Can you include my company logo on the gift packaging and contents inside?
    Oh yes! There are many ways we can incorporate your logo onto the custom item itself by various printing and embossing methods. We could also associate your logo/patterns on the gifts tags and gift packaging.
  • Can I include my own item into the gift set?
    Definitely! Just send your purchased item(s) over and we'll assemble that into the gift set with our packaging.
  • Do you do other gifts or festive hamper?
    We do! Clients come to us for: - Developer Property Handover Kit aka. VP Kit - Developer S&P Document Holder - Media Launch PR Kit - Influencer PR Gift - Client Thank-You Gift (especially for service provider like insurance agents, financial planners) - Courtesy Visit Gifts (gift to client when you meet them for appointment) - Employee Welcome-On-Board Starter Kit - Corporate Baby Gift Basket / Corporate Baby Hamper Sky is the limit. Drop us a line at and tell us what gift idea you have in mind.
  • Where does the gift (item/material) come from?
    Our gifts are thoughtfully curated globally while also partnering with local industries, home businesses, and craftsmen.
  • How much is the delivery?
    FREE for purchase of RM 100 and above, in a single receipt; Or RM 15 otherwise. Flat rate throughout Malaysia (East and West).
  • Delivery & Returns
    # Custom Gift Order 1. Creative Proposal to you: 1 week 2. Order confirmation with payment 3. Production: 4-6 weeks* 4. Delivery to you: 5-7 days (item sourced within Malaysia) / 3-5 weeks (item from overseas, via sea freight) * Food & Beverage as Gift (F&B) * We recommend that the delivery date is 1-4 weeks before your special occasion to preserve its freshness. F&B orders, except dry ingredients like tea leaf, will not be able to delivered outside of Peninsula Malaysia. *note: Above is a general time frame, ultimately it would varied depending on design confirmation, custom clearance for oversea items etc. - # Returns - Returns can be made for faulty items in unopened and unused condition in its original packaging as a complete set. Damage or breakage caused by misuse and or scratches, dents caused by all transport companies will not be covered. - Order amendments/cancellation must be notified in writing with no later than 48 hours after purchased order to - 50% refund can be made with a written cancellation within 48 hours. As each order is personalised, we will not be able to refund you thereafter. - If you’d like to speak to us about your order contact us at
  • When will I receive my refund?
    We strive to issue refunds as quickly as possible. You should receive your refund within 15 business days after your returned item(s) is/are received at our warehouse and have been checked through.
  • Can I pick up the order myself?
    Don't worry, we will deliver to you there is no need for picking ups.
  • Do you ship internationally outside of Malaysia?
    On a case by case basis, depending on the gift contents and destination country, we do offer international shipping. However, it is can be challenging to ship gift boxes which contains items eg. Food & Beverage (unless it is dry ingredients such as tea leaf), live plants (potted plants), hazardous item eg. Power Bank under the Safety Regulation by Custom Clearance. Overseas shipping costs may be applicable on arrival into the country such as import duty or other taxes outside of Malaysia. We will advise you further in this matter. Tell us more about your orders before placing one and we'll be happy to assist you.
  • Can I invite you to be a part of our exhibition or fair?
    We are honoured too! We love meeting new friends and be apart of the movement. Please tell us when.
  • Can you include my products into your gifts catalogue?
    Absolutely! We love meeting new friends so do tell us more about you and we'll see in what way we can collaborate.
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